Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, ezDraw only runs on IBM PC computers (not Macintosh). You need at least Windows 95, so even if you've got an old Pentium PC that you bought new more than 10 years ago, you should be able to run ezDraw without any hassles.
Basically, any printer that you can run from your PC. ezDraw lets you specify ticket size (large or small) to suit the kind of draw you are running. The program uses either A4 or Letter size paper for raffle and bingo ticket printing.
Not necessarily, although if you do have a colour printer, you can define colours for your print jobs in ezDraw. If you don't have a colour printer, you can either print on coloured paper or use different text headings to make your tickets unique to a specific draw.
Afraid not. Tickets can only be printed as a job lot once a raffle is closed (activated). Tickets can only be pre-purchased prior to a game being made active. However, you can save on paper costs when it comes to doing a print job with a large number of low cost tickets by selecting the Small Raffle Ticket option.
Yes it can. Use the new Game Manager feature to set up your game. When you add players (which is effectively the same thing as pre-selling a range of tickets), you can choose to enter a number of tickets or the value of the tickets to be purchased.
You can be sure that your bingo game will proceed correctly because ezDraw is programmed to only draw numbers within a range once. ezDraw displays a list of numbers already drawn. When the display reads "Game Over" that means all the numbers in your range have been drawn and you need to reset ezDraw for the next game.
Not for the animated display in the current version. There are some keys that do work.
The demo version is fixed so that you can't change the range and we kept the range small so you can see what happens when all the numbers in the range have been selected. The current full version of ezDraw is limited to numbers of 5 digits. That means the maximum range is 1 to 99,999.
You can. Use the Display Options feature to change the background colour and picture, the number draw style and the game style for US bingo. The sound effect cannot be changed in the current version of ezDraw, though it can be turned off via your PC's audio settings. Use the number calling feature to add a vocal dimension. ezDraw can be customised if you require something different. To order your customised version, please contact the manufacturer on this website
Easy. Just select a number range of 1-40. Your basic draw will be the first 6 numbers and the 7th will be the bonus number, plus any extras you want to add.