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Prize Raffle Game Information

A prize raffle game is a competition in which players buy numbered tickets. A popular game in many countries, it is often held to raise funds for a specific event, charity or occasion.  The raffle involves many people buying tickets for a chance to win a certain prize or  prizes. At a set date, the winners are drawn from a range of numbers that encompasses the numbers of the tickets sold. 

A prize raffle often involves several different possible prizes that can be won, and a ticket will simply be drawn from the group at random for each of the prizes one by one. In this manner, you are not playing the raffle to win a specific prize, but rather for the possibility of winning any one of the possible prizes, as the prizes do not have any specific numbers attached to them. If a manual system is used, a ticket is drawn for the winner of the first prize, that ticket is then left out of the container. A ticket is then drawn for the winner of the second prize, and that ticket is left out of the container, and so on. this continues until all of the prizes have been won.

Raffles are commonly held at large events such as carnivals and fairs, company picnics, automobile shows, and others.

When holding your own raffle, a common practice for getting more money from the sale of tickets is to offer a large amount of tickets for a discounted price. The players buying the tickets tend to spend more money on tickets thinking that they have a better chance to win the prizes with more raffle tickets. Since the tickets themselves cost very little money to produce, and the expense of the prizes has already been set, the amount of tickets sold really creates no additional cost for the raffle holders.

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